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Scottish Gins

There are many reasons why Scottish Gin is the best in world!

Scotland now distils over 70% of the UK’s gin including famous and artisan brands that include Hendricks, Edinburgh Gin, Tanquery, The Botanist and Rock Rose.

The first Scottish gin recipe dates as far back as 250 years ago but the recent rise in the gin market in Scotland started in 2009 following a legal battle with the UK tax authority which resulted in businesses winning the right to distil small scale quantities of spirit rather than on industrial scale.

As well as several Scotch whisky distilleries starting to produce their own gin there are now many small boutique artisan distilleries popping up all across Scotland.

Click to see a map of Scotland’s gin distilleries 2017

Scotland has such a diverse approach when it comes to producing gin and our distilleries tend to experiment which makes the end result much more exciting.

Many Scottish distilleries take advantage of the environment, using it in their gin to produce a unique twist. From Scottish junipers, seaweed, sea buckthorn, rowan berries to vibrant heathers Scottish distilleries have experimented around with their own landscape to produce the most and creative batches of gin.

The diversity is huge resulting in a better quality of gin with more flavours, more styles, more garnishes and new cocktails.

There is a reason why the Scottish gin industry has boomed in the past decade and one of the major reasons is the passion that goes into distilling.

Gin has changed radically since the Robert Burns days who once called it as “A MOST RASCALLY LIQUOR”. Distilling world class craft and artisan gin is an art so come on our journey, let’s visit and taste some of Scotland’s favourite gins together as friends.

We don't JUST do gin

Whisky Tours

If whisky is more your tipple or maybe you like both whisky and gin then we can arrange a tour that fits in one or both. Many whisky distilleries are now making gin so you can sample both and see the differences behind how they are made.

We can arrange a tour that visits both distilleries or if it’s just whisky you love the this is not a problem we have over 30 years’ experience taking small group tours around Scotland.

Whether you are a connoisseur or a first time whisky taster you will have an opportunity to visit some of Scotland’s world renowned whisky’s including Macallan, Glenfiddich, Cardhu and Speyside.